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★ Mmorpg- icons ~

“Terribili terremoti scossero la terra, ed il cielo fu squarciato da spaventose tempeste. I Vail e gli Elfi, spaventati, sospesero i combattimenti e contemplarono con timore e soggezione due nuove divinità, una della luce e una delle tenebre.” ♥ click to enlarge ♥ Share List

★ Layout – Colors of the wind ~

Pray to Yu Yevon , dream, fayth Forever and ever grant us prosperity Awaken Hold out your hand The time has come, Awaken The doors will be parted Awaken, Awaken, Awaken ♥ Name : Colors of the Wind ♥ Serie : Final Fantasy X ♥ Type : div layout ♥ Extras : link buttons, icons, date […]

★ Crystallize ~

In front of me lies our disease. Why do we do this to ourselves? Complicate all that surrounds us. So find your truth inside… And ask yourself how we can justify just what we’ve done! I’m no longer lookin’ to the sky. Yeah, I used to shed some tears but now I’ve dried my eyes. […]

★ Layout – Diamond Dreams ~

“You are a Diamond, They can’t break you“ ♥ Name : Diamond Dreams ♥ Serie : Lineage ♥ Type : table layout ♥ Extras : link buttons, icons ♥ Designed : July 17, 2008 ♥ To view larger layouts, click on the previews. ♥ for copy the code click the box on the layouts, right click […]

★ Crisis core-icons ~

My friend, the fates are cruel, there are no dreams, no honor remains The arrow has left the bow of the goddess. My soul, corrupted by vengeance Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey . In my own salvation and your eternal slumber. Legend shall speak Of sacrifice at world’s end the […]

★ Layout – A Love Before Time ~

“I would still know the way that would lead me back to your side the north star may die but the light that I see in your eyes will burn there always lit by the love we have shared before time“ ♥ Name : A Love Before Time ♥ Serie : Perfect World ♥ Type : […]

★ Trapassing Dance – icons~

“The dead need guidance. Filled with grief over their own death, they refuse to face their fate. They yearn to live on, and resent those still alive. You see, they envy the living. And in time, that envy turns to anger, even hate. Should these souls remain in Spira, they become fiends that prey on […]

★ Kingdom Hearts – icons~

“Thinking of you where ever you are.  We pray for our sorrows to end and hope that our hearts will blend now I will step forward to realize this wish.And who knows starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it’s already begun… There are many worlds….but they share the same sky […]

★ Castlevania L.O.I – icons~

“In an era long past, as monarchies weakened, local feudal lords grew in power. The first knights simply protected their lords’ domains. However, with the reforms of the late 11th century, knights became the protectors of the peace. They valued courage and honor, fighting heretics and heathens in God’s name. In this age, one company […]